Introducing Candy Coat!

Posted on: 22nd February, 2018

Steady hands at the ready!

Professional-standard gel nails at home just got easier with Candy Coat!

Candy Coat develops deliciously unique gel nail colours, concepts and products. With 350 shades to choose from, each Candy Coat polish offers super creamy, high pigmented gel formula which lasts 3-10 weeks on fingers and up to 6 weeks on toes.

Created and founded by nail polish entrepreneur Lynette in 2015, Candy Coat offers subscription boxes, pic ‘n’ mix colour boxes and candy kits for dreamy colours and super sweet manicures and pedicures! There are 15 finishes too including cremes, shimmers, neons, rich glitters, translucent, metallics, glows, colour changers, confetti, holos, marble, polka and pearls.

Candy Coat Subscription Box

Candy Coat is the UK’s only gel polish subscription box. Each month, subscribers can look forward to a curated gel polish box that includes 3 colours, a range of manicure essentials, swatch pops and goodies and offers the perfect way to build a gorgeous colour collection over time.

Candy Coat Pick ‘N’ Mix

The pick ‘n’ mix concept is an online colour shop, home to individual bottles (£8 each) with new colours to choose from every month.


Candy Coat Girl is the new little box of fun for little girls. Created for girls aged 4-11, each box will feature two Candy Coat water based nail polish colours, four fun goodies and of course some treats! The polishes are 100% water based and contain no harsh or toxic chemicals at all.

Candy Coat Gel Polish £8 each

Candy Coat Gel Subscription Box £15 per month

NEW Candy Cure Studio Lamp COMING SOON

Candy Coat GIRL £10 per month