NEW CLIENT ALERT! The Weave Is Making A Comeback (But Not As You Know It)

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Here is everything you need to know about new Flipside London PR client Belle Époque’s Signature Weave, the low-maintenance solution to every hair type. Set to be one of the biggest hair trends for 2023. 

Belle Époque’s Signature Weave: Natural, discreet, and game-changing!

If you’re looking for extensions that keep your hair healthy, prevent breakage, safely add length and fullness, last up to 10 weeks and are ethically sourced, then hand-tied wefts are your new go-to.  


Belle Époque high-quality hair extensions are designed to be re-used and re-applied, meaning they are amazing value for money. They are also safe for natural hair as they are applied using no heat, no braids and no glue, meaning no damage!

The application of hand-tied extensions is a lot faster than other methods, and they are also easy to remove without ruining hair underneath. Hand-Tied wefts provide ultimate discretion as the signature weave hides the bonds, and the thinness of the weft allows lots of customisable volumes. Unlike other brands, Belle Époque’s hair quality provides longevity and reusability of hair giving customers 8-10 weeks of wear.

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Priscilla Jonker, founder of Belle Époque says: “As a brand owner I made a personal decision to work with smaller independent artisans who cut and source the hair ethically. I make it a must to meet all my suppliers and handpick the bundles that we turn into wefts. This can be a long process, but it gives me peace of mind and allows for a product with integrity. Every touchpoint of Belle Époque is collaborative, and we seek to work with artisans who are passionate about their craft”.


“Hair for most women is very personal, and the experience of wearing them requires total peace of mind. With consumers becoming more conscious of their purchases we try to meet this with full transparency. When it comes to the origins of our products, we aim to be as transparent as possible and to ensure that our high-quality raw materials are responsibly sourced, and produced sustainably. Our hand-tied extensions are entirely made by hand with no machines. We work with trusted artisans who have been using this traditional method for many years. We never compromise on quality or fairness, we ensure that our supply chain promotes fair labour practices, responsible sourcing, respects the environment and sustainability, right down to our packaging.“


Belle Époque Hand-Tied Hair Extensions are one of the hottest hair extension application methods around. And it’s exclusively available to our salon partners, London loved SALON 64. Designed to last up to 10 weeks with no maintenance, the Belle Époque Signature Weave uses 100% European hair – and can be applied time and time again. Clients just need to come into the salon for a removal and refit every 10 weeks. The salon will be working on a consultation basis whereby the customer will have their hair perfectly matched to Belle Époque’s wide range of colours, so packs are made bespoke for each person.

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Bart Cacciapaglia, Salon 64

“A technique designed to take the nonsense away from applying for extensions, leaving at the core sensational hair with a sensational application method. Natural, discreet, and game-changing!  The lightweight wefts are ideal to enhance any hair type and style. Loose hair-ups or a boho blowdry we saw dominate the catwalk last month I am so excited for my clients to see the benefits of these new extensions.”

Stevie Holland, SALON 64

“Belle Époque’s Signature Weave is one of the kindest forms of hair extensions I have ever worked with. An exact replica of human hair they are the low-maintenance solution to every hair type. Wash, dry and style them as you would your own hair, these extensions are so low maintenance and easy to work with. With this unique technique, bonds remain invisible allowing clients to work and style their hair with ease.”

Please contact [email protected] to find out more!

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