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Gaea Health

The CBD beauty revolution continues, and we’ve found the ultimate wellness and beauty brand to tap into the trend. Flipside London PR is the UK PR for Gaea. If you want to work on your wellbeing, this is the health brand for you.

Gaea produce whole plant CBD beauty and wellness products with select ingredients and aromatherapy combinations that really perform. If you’re ready to harness the miracle of CBD and feel the benefits, be one of the first to check out this new to market planet conscious skincare brand Gaea Health.

Gaea Health

Gaea (pronounced Guy-ya) are formulated with whole plant technology to produce products that make you feel and look your absolute best. They only use broad spectrum oils in their products, which are far superior to the cheaper isolate alternatives.


Sustainability is at the heart of the Gaea brand. Hemp farming remediates soil and supports insect life, especially supporting the bee population. Gaea plants trees for every sale, via a partnership with Ecologi.

Hero Products

Gaea Detox Facial Oil – 500 mg CBD + Manuka + TeaTree

Gaea Detox combines the clarifying power of Hemp Phyto-Cannabinoids with Australian Tea Tree and Manuka Active Concentrate. These concentrates have been shown to kill bacteria associated with acne outbreaks, making this product a great choice for problem skin.

Gaea Glow Facial Oil – 500mg CBD + Superfruit Seed Oils

Gaea Glow is a deeply hydrating lightweight oil. It is formulated with Hemp Phyto-Cannabinoids plus a blend of super-seed oils to replenish, nourish and revitalise skin.

Gaea Sunrise Daily Balance Tincture – 500mg CBD

The ultimate CBD wellness tincture, Gaea Sunrise Day Drops are infused with zingy natural orange extract to bring balance and calm for daytime use.

They use a broad spectrum hemp oil that is harvested organically in Oregon, USA and contains a high quality hemp content as well as other minor compounds to help create the entourage effect.

Gaea Sunset Sleep Tincture – 1500mg CBD

Find the ultimate relaxation for the best night’s sleep ever with Gaea Sunset Sleep Drops! They are infused with delicious, natural mixed berry extract to help to induce calm and relaxation for a peaceful night’s sleep.

We look forward to bringing you all the latest news from the brand over the coming months!

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