Earlier this month we welcomed to the Flipside PR family  MooGoo. The skincare brand with natural solutions for skin problems… this week, we are introducing you to the Irritable Skin Balm, the cult product that sells every two minutes across the world and has been making headlines this week for all the right reasons!

It’s estimated that up to 15 million people in the UK alone could be living with eczema, a condition that can cause your skin to become red, itchy and inflamed and can prove to be an on-going challenge. MooGoo’s Irritable Skin Balm has helped so many eczema sufferers keep the debilitating condition under control.
Including Megan Underwood who has suffered from eczema since she was two years old, having tried countless remedies, diet changes and hospital treatments after it become so severe, she turned to the MooGoo Irritable Skin balm to try and help her skin. Her before and after photos, as seen on, speak for themselves, displaying just how the balm has improved her skin. Megan herself even says the product has changed her life! Read Megan’s full story here:
MooGoo Balm
Megan isn’t alone either; Eleanor suffered with intense psoriasis which was triggered by an immune disorder leaving her in constant pain. Research led her to discovering MooGoo and after having “nothing left to lose” she decided to try them out in hopes of improving her skin and gaining her confidence back. After using the balm every morning and night, she started to notice her skin beginning clear up and again, let’s just let her before and after photos show you the effects of the balm! Read Eleanor’s full story here:
MooGoo Balm
The results have been life-changing for those suffering with eczema but even if you don’t suffer with the skin condition, you can still reap the moisturising benefits of the balm with it being great for dry skin, sunburn and any other skin irritations. An all-round skin super hero!
The Irritable Skin Balm uses a combination of natural ingredients and moisturising oils such as Sweet Almond Oil, Olive Squalene and Olive Oil to help keep your skin moist and healthy and is suitable for both babies and adults.
The Irritable Skin Balm is available at, independent pharmacies and Whole Foods Market.

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