It's Not Make Up, It's Skincare

As much as we can’t wait to escape on holiday there’s always the hovering fear of how to approach our holiday makeup. We want the coverage but we want it without having to prepare for our foundation melting in the sun. And we want the SPF protection but without the grease slick of traditional sunscreens. Priori’s Mineral Skincare answers all these problems. 

Priori’s 100% all-natural mineral powders clinically proven to protect, correct and perfect skin. With over 30 antioxidants and polyphenolsthis broad-spectrum cover floods the skin with natural anti-inflammatory, brightening, de-pigmentingand antioxidant benefits. It really is the ultimate day-time shield.

Simply apply after cream-based products with the brush provided and work well into the skin. Layer to the finish you desire, from lightweight to a full HD look and you’re ready to go. Simply top up throughout the day as needed.

“Mineral Make up is our new generation makeup skincare, the clean and carefree light powder is super easy to top up that dewy glow with an added bonus of SPF 25 and PRIORI all natural botanical Mineral molecules. Choose your matching skin colour and keep it inside your bag where ever you go, you’ll find its your new summer best friend!”

– Michaella Bolder, Celebrity Facialist

Priori Mineral Skincare | £36 |

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