It’s Here! The Essence Spring Summer Collection Update

Glow Colour Changing Lipstick

Skintellectuals we have an update for you! Are you looking for exceptional performance, excellent quality, vegan ingredients and products that are fun to use? If so, the new Essence Spring/Summer 2022 update is now coming to the beauty shelves for you. Here’s everything you need to know…

Essence Spring Summer 2022 Update

Since September 2021, all of our ingredients are 100% vegan and with this update, we are expanding our range of unique Clean Beauty and Sensitive Skin products even further – for example, our HELLO, GOOD STUFF! range is getting some new additions. We know when you feel good on the inside, you’ll look good on the outside, too. That’s why we make sure that our products contain as many hydrating, soothing and nourishing ingredients as possible – for a noticeable care effect and pleasantly soft feeling on the skin. But we don’t just want to take care of our skin, we also want to try out new styles, experiment with creative looks and find our own signature style to express our personality. That’s why beauty lovers will also find intense colours, expressive effects, and anything else they need for a bold statement look and individual styling in the update.

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What’s New?

Hydro Hero 24h Hydrating Tinted Cream

A true beauty multi-talent: the hydro hero 24h HYDRATING TINTED CREAM is a foundation, moisturiser and sunscreen in one. The BB cream has a light to medium buildable coverage and creates an even complexion with a fresh, natural finish. At the same time, the daily care provides 24-hour moisture and protects the skin from UV radiation with an SPF of 20. The oil-free texture is formulated without alcohol, silicones and perfume, consists of 88% natural ingredients and is enriched with hyaluronic acid. The product feels weightless and pleasant on the skin, doesn’t clog the pores and belongs in every bathroom cabinet. £3.99

Magic All In One Face Cream

It’s a kind of magic: the innovative MAGIC All in One SKIN Cream creates a healthy-looking and even complexion with a blurry finish in seconds. Shhh, we’ll reveal the trick: the cream contains colour capsules that are released during application and blend with the natural skin tone. This does not create a mask-like effect, as the texture only has a subtle coverage. With an SPF of 10, the daily care also offers light sun protection. £3.99

Hello, Good Stuff! Glow Serum Primer “Watermelon Sugar High”

Our HELLO, GOOD STUFF! GLOW SERUM PRIMER is enriched with watermelon water. It is also made of 93% natural ingredients and contains skin-perfecting niacinamide. The light gel texture can be applied like a serum and is quickly absorbed. The result: an instant boost of freshness and moisture. The skin feels extra-soft after application and is perfectly prepared for the subsequent make-up. The Serum Primer can also be worn without foundation. £4.49

Hello, Good Stuff! Happy Bliss Face Spray

Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth … wIth its refreshing citrus fragrance, the HELLO, GOOD STUFF! HAPPY BLISS FACE SPRAY literally ensures a good mood and happy vibes. But it’s not just the fresh, vibrant scent that lifts your spirits, a glance at the 96% natural ingredients and the citrus water is also sure to put you in a good mood. The spray provides moisture and is ideal for a boost of happiness and freshness on the go or as part of your daily skincare routine. But that’s not all: we have prepared a little surprise that can be discovered by scanning the QR code on the packaging. £2.99

Hello, Good Stuff! Moussy Face Moisturizer Banana!

The HELLO, GOOD STUFF! MOUSSY FACE MOISTURIZER is enriched with banana water and provides feathery-light moisture. The airy mousse texture has a slightly gel-like effect and is quickly absorbed without leaving behind a sticky sensation on the skin. The moisturizer is extremely easy to integrate into your own beauty routine: simply apply on the face, neck and décolleté after cleansing and allow it to absorb briefly. It has a skin-smoothing effect and can be used as a daily care or as a make-up base. £4.49

Fix & Last Make-Up Gripping Jelly Primer

With the fix & LAST make-up gripping JELLY PRIMER, all beauty lovers can easily get to grips with their make-up. After just a few seconds, the transparent jelly texture unfolds an extraordinary gripping effect that guarantees extra-long hold. The primer is quickly absorbed, provides moisture and creates a smooth, fresh finish. £3.99

Kissed By The Light Illuminating Powder

Sun-kissed skin – with the kissed by the light illuminating powder, this effect can be achieved with just a few strokes of the brush. The beauty all-rounder combines three shades: highlighter, bronzer and blush. The different shades are arranged next to each other so that they can be mixed together easily. Set individual highlights, emphasize contours or make your complexion shine with a unique all-over glow? You can do it all! £3.79

Hydra Matte Lipstick

Colour meets care – the hydra MATTE lipstick doesn’t just impress with its high colour pay-off, strong hold and matte finish, it also nourishes the lips with shea butter, sunflower oil and a vitamin complex. The creamy texture feels pleasant on the lips and squalane and hyaluronic acid provide additional moisture – so there’s no need for a supplementary lip care. Use a matching essence soft & precise LIP PENCIL to outline the lips before applying the lipstick for an even more colour-intensive effect. £2.49

Electric Glow Colour Changing Lipstick

Express yourself! The ELECTRIC GLOW colour changing lipstick reacts to the natural, unique pH value of the lip skin and changes colour as a result. The texture tints the lips in an individual, delicate rosé shade and gives them a natural, radiant finish – for a soft shimmer of colour. At the same time, the lipstick nourishes the lips. £2.99

Ginseng Lip Oil

Ginseng oil, jojoba oil and vitamin E – the formula of the GINSENG LIP OIL is enriched with these active ingredients. Thanks to its gel-like texture, the lip oil spreads easily, nourishes the lips and has a regenerating effect. It feels pleasantly lightweight and has a tingling effect. The lips look fuller with the lip oil and have a natural plumping finish. £2.49

Cranberry Lip Oil

It goes down like oil: thanks to its weightless, gellike texture, the CRANBERRY LIP OIL easily glides over the lips, giving them a shiny finish without creating a sticky sensation. The nourishing lip oil with vitamin E and cranberry oil provides moisture and reacts to the natural, individual pH value of the lip skin. This way, the oil intensifies the natural lip colour and subtly emphasizes it – for soft, nourished lips with a natural effect. £2.49

Heart Core Fruity Lip Balm

With its playful look and heart-shaped core, the HEART CORE fruity lip balm is not only a real eye-catcher, but also a beauty must-have with a nourishing effect. The pleasantly fruity scented texture is enriched with 10% sweet almond oil and provides intensive care. At the same time, the lip balm creates a soft colour shimmer on the lips with light coverage. The HEART CORE fruity lip balm belongs in every handbag for a quick touch-up on the go. £1.59

Lip Care Booster Overnight Lip Mask

Beautiful, nourished lips while you sleep? Sounds like a dream. But wait! The LIP CARE booster overnight lip mask makes this dream come true. The formula is enriched with 10% oat milk extract, nourishes and regenerates the lips while we relax in bed and sleep. The next morning, we wake up refreshed with supple, soft lips. £2.99

Lip Care Booster Caring Lip Peeling

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade – or a nourishing lip scrub. The LIP CARE booster caring lip peeling removes dead skin cells from the lips with lemon peel powder and nourishes them with 10% lemon oil. The result: soft, supple, moisturized lips. £2.49

All About Eyes: New From Essence Spring 2022

Welcome To Miami Eyeshadow Palette
Welcome To Miami Eyeshadow Palette

Sensitive But Wow Volume Mascara

Gentle formula, wow volume – the sensitive BUT WOW VOLUME mascara is suitable for sensitive eyes and even for contact lens wearers. This has been ophthalmologically tested and confirmed. The mascara is enriched with calendula and chamomile blossom water and gives the lashes natural volume for an expressive eye look. And it gets even better: the texture is easy to remove with just a little warm water – without the need for eye make-up remover. £3.49

Hydro Hero Under Eye Stick

A quick boost of moisture for the eye area: the HYDRO HERO under eye stick is perfect for a skincare kick on the go or as an addition to your morning routine after getting up or in the evening before going to bed. The practical stick format makes the transparent texture super-easy to apply. It also provides an intensely hydrating, nourishing effect thanks to the formula enriched with panthenol, niacinamide and aloe vera. The stick can be used alone or under make-up. £2.79

Another Volume Mascara… Just Better!

Do we really need another volume mascara? Yes, of course we do! Because this volume mascara is… JUST BETTER. It provides the lashes with unique thickness, density and volume. The nourishing texture is enriched with panthenol and hyaluronic acid to ensure an ideal combination of pampering care and performance. Thanks to the special brush with particularly soft fibre bristles, the volume effect of the ANOTHER VOLUME MASCARA… JUST BETTER can be built up and intensified from layer to layer. £3.49

Brow Like A Boss Ink Brow Gel

A stroke of genius … that’s the brow like a boss ink brow gels! The angled brush tip makes it easy to apply the light, colour gel texture accurately, providing the brows with fullness, density and a natural finish. The look lasts up to 72 hours – this has been tested by an independent institute. Thanks to the lightweight formula, the brow gel feels comfortable to wear and on top of all that, it’s smudgeproof and waterproof, too! £3.79

Welcome To Miami Eyeshadow Palette

All night on the beach till the break of dawn: with the welcome to MIAMI eyeshadow palette, we’re bringing the sunny vibes of Florida into our make-up bags this spring. The 12 highly-pigmented eyeshadows are inspired by the colours of Miami Beach and are sure to create a feeling of happiness with their nude, pink, violet, turquoise and green shades. Thanks to their high colour pay-off and the various matte to metallic effects, the palette ensures creative, individual looks that make a statement. The texture is super easy to apply and blend. Tip: for even more surprising details, it’s worth taking a look at what’s hidden behind the QR code on the packaging. £6.99

Angled Eyeliner Brush

Eyeliner can be used to create expressive, dramatic, artsy or edgy eye make-up styles as well as natural looks that are suitable for everyday use. But don’t you need a steady hand and a lot of practice? Not necessarily, because thanks to its ultra-fine brush tip and angled handle, the ANGLED EYELINER BRUSH allows a precise and reliable application of all eyeliner textures – even for newbies. The special shape of the brush is easy to grip and hold for expressive eyeliner looks like a pro. £1.79

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