PRIORI® DNA fx221 RECOVERY SERUM is an ‘insurance policy’ for your skin that hits the skin reset button!

Containing three all- natural sources of DNA Repair enzymes, DNA fx221 Recovery Serum acts as our skin’s DNA enzymes would, cutting out and repairing the damage to the skin’s DNA.

Using patented DNA Enzyme Complex™ it utilises three powerful enzymes from natural sources such as Blue Green, Algae and Mustard Seed combined with powerful antioxidants for visible results. Using a unique delivery system these powerful actives are placed in the most crucial layers of the skin. What’s more is that this powerhouse serum can be used with any of your favourite skincare products to further boost their results.

Whatever your ‘skintuation’ (your current skin situation) may be, Recovery Serum will help restore your skin to pristine factory settings and allow it to function more productively.

PERFECT FOR: Concerns with skin damage, seasonal change, post holidays, post procedures and acne scarring. Providing instant oil- free hydration this skin booster can be used either seasonally a few times a year or every day.  Apply immediately after cleansing on clean, dry skin and watch the transformation!

PRIORI® Skincare Skin Decoded adaptive  technology is a brand new approach to skin that helps address the unique needs of each individual’s skin.

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