Is this £75 “skinshroom” concentrate the answer to tech neck?

Tech neck is a growing phenomenon – particularly over the last few years , where virtual life took on whole new life! As the name implies, tech neck is the horizontal lines that form from continuously hanging your head down and hunching forward to look at your phone or computer screen, but scientists have now discovered that there is a new process that can also have a profound impact on premature neck ageing.

Glycation is a well-known process in which excess glucose in skin fibres adhere to collagen proteins, subsequently speeding up the skin ageing process.  Following recent research, scientists have discovered that carbamylation, a similar yet lesser known process, has an even stronger implication on skin aging due to its deeper action on collagen destabilisation. 

ULTRA FIRM Face and Neck Sculpting Concentrate created by the scientists at AlphaScience, is the first treatment targeting carbamylation, thanks to its ground-breaking formula featuring 2% Shiitake Complex, L-glutamine and Genistein. A complete and effective treatment, the concentrate not only stimulates collagen production but also prevents protein degradation by effectively fighting glycation, a process directly related to the loss of quality and functionality of collagen itself.

The results speak for themselves

Results after 56 days of treatment 



A mushroom endemic from Eastern Asia, acknowledged as an elixir of life and used by many throughout history to improve the appearance of the skin, thanks to its antioxidant and anti-aging properties.

After years of research, the Shiitake Complex was found to effectively reduce protein carbamylation and improve collagen fibrils organisation. It boosts collagen synthesis and helps to reduce collagen deterioration for improved skin quality.


A sufficient supply of glutamine is essential for firm and supple skin. If there is not enough glutamine available, the body takes the necessary proteins from muscle mass and converts it to glutamine and energy. This leads to proteins being lost, muscle strands becoming thinner and the skin becoming saggy.

For the first time ever, Alphascience, has vectored L-GLUTAMINE as a dipeptide that acts as a powerful collagen booster to reduce wrinkles and improve skin density. The unique ingredient increases protein turnover in muscles and has an anti-glycation effect, delivering an intense lifting impact.


Aging involves a myriad of hormonal changes. As natural oestrogen levels decrease with age, they impact drastic changes on the skin, such as reduced collagen production and increased collagen degradation. These changes lead to deep signs of aging and thinner, more delicate skin.

Isoflavones are polyphenolic compounds that possess both oestrogen-agonist and oestrogen-antagonist properties, with Genistein being one of the most important isoflavones – a natural collagen enhancer, interfering with the collagen metabolism by boosting its production and preventing its degradation. A true anti-ageing hero, Genistein balances skin oestrogen levels and minimizes the glycation process.


Known as the ‘active antioxidants company’ Alpha Science is a French brand developed by scientist Alfred Marchal, author of renowened scientific papers and patents on vitamin C, vitamin K and hyaluronic acid. The brand is dedicated to advancing the science behind skincare and has harnessed some of the most progressive techniques in the world market, all inspired by nature, innovation, and providing clinically proven results.

AlphaScience ULTRA FIRM Face and Neck Sculpting Concentrate £75 is available exclusively at

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