Is telomere protection the secret to delaying the skin’s biological clock?

If you’ve ever wondered how our bodies seem to magically know when to switch off the fountain of youth as the years creep up, allowing the skin ageing process to take place, the answer is simple. Tiny timekeepers inside of each and every one of our cells which control when and how often our cells divide and replenish themselves – telomeres!

The key to understanding the aging puzzle, telomeres, are in fact tiny caps on the ends of our DNA strands that protect cells from premature aging, much like the plastic tip protects a shoelace. As we age, they get shorter, which is when the cells start to lose their ability to divide and replenish tissue. For example, UV exposure limits telomere repair and can also initiate telomere-shortening, as this means the cells in your skin have turned over more times, causing skin ageing and dullness.

Luckily, advance telomere technology has made its way into skincare, making it possible to achieve corrective and protective results with minimal downtime and without compromising the health of skin cells. While telomeres cannot be revived or lengthened, they can be protected with special lipids, like the ones used in the NEW High Energy Cellomer Cream from BYONIK.

Based on new scientific findings on cell protection, its ingredients are members of the anti-aging elite. In addition to using telomere-protecting lipids, the cream also contains a skin-loving cocktail of collagen-boosting antarcticine and platinum, plumpinig hyaluronic acid, healing vitamin E, and special messenger peptides like Matrixyl 3000® to prolong cell life and performance. 

With a rich blend of premium botanical oils and high-tech active substances, the cream can be used morning and evening to reduce visible signs of ageing, stimulate collagen and elastin production, protect against environmental stressors and promote healthy, balanced skin health. Plus, due to its advanced formula, the cream also restores the skin’s electrolyte balance, making it easier for the cells to absorb important nourishing substances.


Known for creating the world’s first pulse-triggered laser facial guided by your heartbeat…BYONIK are extending their award-winning expertise through their science-led skincare. Their range of luxury, high-potency products use only the most advanced skin technology and premium ingredients. Created for daily use, the BYONIK skincare range works to support skin health while targeting concerns like ageing, acne, dullness and more!

The BYONIK High Energy Cellomer Cream £95 is available at

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