INTRODUCING PRIORI DECODED RANGE: The Answer to Your Daily Skin Situations

Anti-ageing skincare has always been an essential and you know what they say, ‘better a prevention than a cure’, so allow us to introduce you to the PRIORI DECODED skincare range, a brand new approach to skin care and treatment. PRIORI is the anti-ageing skincare brand with the most innovative source of anti-ageing science and proprietary patented technologies in the skincare market, so you guarantee that the DECODED range is going to be right up your street!

With adaptive skin technology, the PRIORI DECODED range of skincare helps to address the unique needs of each individual’s skin with a range of products designed and formulated to read your own skin, understanding its need for hydration and replenishment and then prioritizing the additional current needs. It helps to completely restore your skin to its pristine factory settings with DNA Repair Enzymes which helps your skin to function as it should. Sound like an absolute essential in your routine? We thought so!
DNA fx221 Recovery Serum
If you are concerned with skin damage, seasonal change, acne scarring or more, PRIORI’s Recovery Serum is the only product to reverse DNA damage by mimicking the skin’s own repair enzymes to normalize and repair the cell. The serum contains a powerful mix of active ingredients to repair damage to your skin whilst also protecting against any further damage making it ideal to wear both day and night. With a radiant and hydrated finish, this serum definitely deserves a place in your skincare routine!
Tetra fx250 Broad Spectrum SPF 45 Sunscreen
We all know how essential a daily SPF is in protecting your skin from harmful sun rays so the PRIORI Tetra is your ideal solution for all your SPF worries, especially as we come into summer. Think of it as your ultimate skin shield, a protector for your skin every day to help shield it from our ever changing, harsh and unpredictable daily environment. Plus, this is so much more than just a sunscreen with three additional revolutionary additional levels of protection to adapt to what the skin needs when it needs it. Mustard seed extracts help repair damaged DNA strands, ingredients to target the damaging effects of infrared radiation and includes powerful antioxidants. So, not only is your skin protected from those pesky sun rays, it is truly looked after too!
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