How to get your nails summer ready at home, on a budget

summer nails

With new guidelines on the timing of nail salons reopening, one thing is for sure – your professionally-done manicure will need to wait a little bit more. While self-care rituals like skincare or haircare have become a new-found hobby for many, at-home nail care seems to be taking a back seat. So how about your summer nails?

However, with affordable at-home options and a plethora of nail inspo to choose from, showing your nails some much needed TLC has never been easier! And let’s be honest, there’s nothing more satisfying than a fresh bright or pastel set to fake that holiday feeling, especially when the sun’s shining! If you’re looking for amazing results that don’t break the bank, essence cosmetics is your nail’s new best-friend!

First step to beautiful summer nails: Preparation!

It’s all about getting a good foundation to build on! If you haven’t started using a regular nail oil or serum to help strengthen and condition your nails, now is the time! Plus, good nails treatments don’t have to break the bank! The CARING NAIL OIL from essence helps and protects brittle nails and cuticles, and nourishes them for healthy nails, long-term!

The right tools can make the biggest difference!

nail files tools

Start by removing any old nail polish with the pineapple-scented JELLY NAIL POLISH REMOVER from essence, for a quick and easy no-mess process! Then, go in with the 4IN1 PROFI FILE to shape your nails and get them to your desire length! Finally, use some handy MANICURE STICKS paired with the CUTICLE REMOVER ERASER, to soften and push back your cuticles, for a beautiful elongated look.

A multifunctional base coat is your best bet!

nail repair and care

Why not use the opportunity of applying your base coat to infuse your nails with some much-needed goodness? Whether you’re opting for a GROWTH BOOSTER BASE COAT for some healthy length or the REPAIR & CARE BASE COAT for overall long-lasting care, your nails will thank you for giving them an added layer of protection!

Time to have some fun: choose your favourite summer nail shade!

Nail polish colours

This summer, it’s all about striking bright shades and elegant pastels. If you want to make a statement, go for loud shades like “legally pink” or “honey honey”, perfect for matching with a colourful summer dress! Alternatively, choose a light pastel shade to highlight your tan and go with any outfit in your wardrobe! Our favourites are “wild white ways” and “everybody say yeah”!

You’ve nailed it! Seal in your hard work and enjoy your new summer nails!

cuticle and hand cream

The best part of any manicure – sealing it all in with a glossy layer of long-lasting topcoat! There is something for everyone, whether you desire a mirror-like shine from the essence ULTRA GLOSS TOP COAT or super-fast drying time with the help of the ULTRA-QUICK DRY TOP COAT! Finally, add in the finishing touches with the nourishing NAIL & CUTICLE CREAM, rich in valuable ingredients which strengthens and pamper the nails!

And voila – your under £10 at-home manicure, to keep you going while you wait for the next salon appointment, or simply brighten up your summer and give you some me-time this weekend!

Love Flipside x

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