How Healthy is the “Third Day Hair” Trend?

Expert Trichologist and Hair Gain Ambassador Samantha Stewart MIT reveals why “Third Day Hair may not be the best way to manage your mane.

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A crucial part of PR involves staying abreast with current news and trends dominating the fashion and beauty industries and responding to them accordingly. At Flipside PR, we recently noticed the rise of a TikTok trend known as “Third Day Hair”. Wanting to address this as quickly as possible, we called upon UK Trichologist and Hair Gain Ambassador Samantha Stewart MIT to comment on the trend and draw attention to our client Hair Gain.

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As of recent, TikTok’s #thirddayhair hashtag has racked up 2 million views. This trend sees TikTokkers suggesting styling tips and tricks to extend the time between hair washes in hopes of boosting their hair health. But how healthy is the trend?

According to a Trichologist Samantha Stewart

According to Samantha, the healthiness of “Third Day Hair” is highly dependent on the individual’s scalp and hair needs. It is not a “one size fits all” situation.

Samantha discloses: “My advice is to wash your hair and scalp when it is needed. For people with oily hair, they will need to shampoo their hair daily. The thought of leaving their hair for 3 days is likely to fill them with dread. For someone else who doesn’t produce excess amounts of sebum it really wouldn’t make a difference to leave their hair for 3 days.”

In some cases, overwashing your hair can lead to hair damage and loss. However, washing your hair too little can also cause scalp and hair issues. As a result, Samantha insists that “the best way to promote healthy hair growth is to keep the scalp microbiome in perfect harmony. The best way to achieve this is to regularly wash your hair. The belief that shampooing the hair is damaging simply isn’t true. A well-formulated, shampoo and a hair mask like Hair Gain’s Nourishing Miracle Treatment can help maintain the health of the hair and scalp. It can also enhance the overall manageability of the hair.”

To help, Samantha reveals some of the common signs your scalp may be screaming to be washed. Samantha says: “If your hair is excessively oily or itchy, wash it. If your scalp is showing signs of flaking, wash it. It’s important to note that if you do have a susceptibility to scalp irritation, then opting to follow the “Third Day Hair” trend could trigger or exacerbate an itchy, flaky scalp condition.”

Samantha also addresses TikTokkers’ attempt to position the trend as a way of reducing the use of heat on hair. “I would never recommend following a hair trend like “Third Day Hair” and not washing your hair to avoid styling.”

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