How a sensory treatment is tending to the post-lockdown pregnancy boom

With the pandemic prompting a surge in pregnancies, it seemed some sort of cruel paradox that it also enforced a loss of touch. Aiming to rectify the impact that a lack of contact can have on mums-to-be, EF MEDISPA have developed a unique treatment with expecting mothers in mind.

“For decades I have spoken about the power of touch”, says Esther Fieldgrass, Founder and Director of EF MEDISPA. “Touch has almost become a forgotten sense and now, after the fear of Covid, I see people hesitate or pull back from touching one another.”

More than a mere facial, a Pregnant Pause draws on the power of touch to stimulate the lymphatic system, promote deep relaxation, and further the connection between mother and child.

“Connecting through breath and touch, the Pregnant Pause facial reawakens two of our most important senses,” says Esther. “Skin is our largest organ and holds many sensory nerve endings for both pain and pleasure. The Pregnant Pause facial is designed to heighten awareness and connection between mother and baby through deep breathing and a stimulating gentle massage. It brings deep relaxation to the mother through gentle touch on her face and body, stimulating her lymphatic system while breath work stimulates her heart and lungs.”

With many facials excluding pregnant women on account of harmful ingredients, a Pregnant Pause uses all-natural balms and oils from Trio Therapeutic Skincare to enhance the sensory experience and safely combat the side-effects of hormonal changes. Free from fragrance, antioxidants and essential oils, these specialist skincare products are perfect for treating the dry, sore, flaky, and sensitive skin that many experience during pregnancy.

Pregnant Pause: Treatment room at EF MEDISPA

A sensory experience for mums-to-be; the Pregnant Pause facial combines rhythmic breathing and gentle massage with pregnancy-safe skincare.

The Pregnant Pause Facial (£125) is available at various EF MEDISPA London locations.

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