Have you heard? No more Microbeads

On the 30th June 2018 all personal care and cosmetic products containing microbeads will be off the shelves! Are you prepared to switch up your skincare?

Microbeads were used in many body scrubs, exfoliating face washes and toothpaste but huge amounts of the beads ended up in the ocean, having a devastating effect on marine life.
Before the ban comes into action, make sure you check the labels on products in your bathroom and get to know other alternatives you can use when they’re gone!

We recommend:

The Vitage® Revitalising Daily Cleanse and Micro Skin Polish in ‘The Essentials’ collection are the perfect fix for a flawless finish without the harm to the environment.
Start with the Vitage® Revitalising Daily Cleanse which works as a gentle yet effective cleansing gel, providing a deep clean feeling with its unique ‘cream/gel’ formula. Suitable for all skin types, it cleanses deeply without disturbing skins barrier function making it suitable for even the most sensitive of complexions whilst also containing potent antioxidants for anti-ageing effects.
Follow with our Vitage® Micro Skin Polish, which will replace your beloved microbead flooded exfoliater, gently removing excess dead skin cells and reducing the appearance of imperfections whilst smoothing and polishing the skin promoting hydration and skin rejuvenation. You won’t even miss those little plastic balls!

Finish with your usual moisturiser tailored to your skin type – we recommend our Vitage® Age Defence Power Skin Repair for a super hydrating moisturiser perfect for the Winter, which leaves the skin incredibly hydrated whilst minimising the signs of ageing and dryness. Or you can opt for an everyday moisturiser, the award-winning Vitage® Skin Defence SPF 30 is essential for an everyday moisturiser whilst providing sun protection as well, providing a light, hydrating finish.

All products can be used separately, but used in combination will provide you with a bulletproof exfoliating, cleansing and moisturising experience. Allowing the microbead ban to come and go without any effect on your skincare routine.
For more information visit vitage.co.uk

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