Happy National Lipstick Day! Here’s how the “lipstick effect” is helping us get through 2020!


“I believe in manicures, overdressing, primping at leisure and wearing lipstick”

– Audrey Hepburn

The lockdown has undeniably changed our routines – from our work, to our sleep pattern to the way we apply our makeup. However, even though pouts have been concealed by masks this summer, lipstick can still play a big part in making us feel “normal” and perking up our self-confidence, whether it’s for a work Zoom call or a quick stroll in the park.

A Boots study found that 80% of British women are more likely to feel good about themselves when they wear make-up during lockdown, which makes total sense when you think of “the lipstick effect”.

The term was coined in 2001 to describe the rise in lipstick sales during periods of financial distress, as consumers turn to small indulgences to improve their moods.

“When people feel down, they buy more lipstick!”

– Noel Lim, Kline Research

A great example of how lipstick is used to symbolise more than a pretty smile is The Queen’s speech back in April. Her bright coral lip signals a positive, uplifting outlook. A small detail which can subtly inspire optimism in these unprecedented and uncertain times!

lipstick day queen

“Lipstick, above all other make-up products, has the power to turn up your confidence for the day ahead, whether you are addressing the nation, speaking on video conference, or merely wanting to feel more put together while you tackle your kids math’s homework.”

– Annabel Jones,Beauty Editor at Large, The Telegraph

And we couldn’t agree more! Today, for National Lipstick Day, we love celebrating the little things that make us happy and add colour to some of the less bright days. An instant mood lifter, whether going for bold or more subtle shade, the right lipstick can perfectly fulfil the need for fun and escapism while sheltering at home.

To help with brightening up your summer, here are some of our favourite pout enhancing options you need in your makeup bag right now!

Catrice Matte Pro Ink Non-Transfer Liquid Lipstick

The perfect option for a long day of mask-wearing! This long-lasting, ultra-comfortable lippie from Catrice effortlessly glides over the lips. It dries in moments, coating the lips with smooth, kiss-resistant colour that won’t cake, smudge or transfer!

catrice lipstick

essence Stay 8H Matte Liquid Lipstick

Another lippie you can rely on! With its ultra-long durability of up to eight hours and the ergonomic applicator, this essence liquid lipstick provides the lips with an extremely matte finish. And the texture is so light that you almost can’t feel it!

essence lipstick

Arbonne Double Take Matte & Shine Lip Duo

For twice the looks, try this fantastic duo from Arbonne! It features a matte lip cream with mineralised clay that delivers a velvety finish, and a lip gloss with botanical oils for a moisture-rich shine!


Catrice Power Plumping Gel Lipstick

The hydrating formula of this super nourishing gel lipstick has been enriched with Hyaluronic Acid. Moisturising your lips while visibly plumping them for a perfectly kissable finish. Plus, the gel-like texture feels pleasantly light on the lips!


essence Shine Shine Shine Lipgloss

If you are a fan of lipgloss, this best-selling gloss is perfect for everyday wear. Providing super-smooth coverage, this gloss creates a desirable wet-look effect whilst locking in your lip’s natural moisture. Plus, the unrivalled colour payoff doesn’t smudge, budge or transfer.


Arbonne Cherry Blossom Smoothed Over Lipstick

Luxurious like a lipstick and balm in one, the subtle hue will make your pouts pop like a vibrant spring day. The hydrating formula also glides on with a creamy feel as it nourishes lips!


So pour yourself a drink, put on a lippie, and pull yourself together! Happy Lipstick Day!

Love Flipside x

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