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drowsy roundup

Another Friday, another round up of amazing coverage secured for our clients. Here are this week’s highlights, starting with today’s piece for Drowsy in the Daily Mail!

The Drowsy Sleep SOS Kids Pillow Spray was praised by happy mother who says her daughter’s restless nights came to an end after using the miracle spray!

“The first night, she fell asleep at 9.30pm but then slept through till 7.15 am – it was life changing. The fact she had slept through even once was the first time in months. We were shocked but convinced it was a fluke, we were fascinated and couldn’t wait to try it out again that evening.”

Mother, 34, who spent £300 trying to cure her three-year-old daughter’s ‘traumatic’ night terrors says she’s found an ‘instant’ fix in a £19 sleep spray

Following up with our favourite facials! Firstly, OK! Magazine mentioned ClearLift this week, as the 30-minute facial loved by celebs. You can read more about it in our latest post here!

What is the lunchtime facial? Everything you should know about the speedy treatment which has army of celeb fans

Plus, the Byonik treatment made an appearance on Image, as it made its debut in Ireland, at Sophia Wood’s clinic in Dublin!

The lovely Amanda Cassidy says:

“It’s not like any facial I’ve ever experienced before. It is both relaxing and satisfyingly medicinal, dispelling the no-pain, no-gain mantra I’ve always tried to avoid. The BYONIK method is already hugely popular in the UK with top dermatologists and celebrity facialists offering it to their clients.”

The Byonik ‘NASA facial’ loved by stars has just landed in Ireland. We went to give it a go

byonik friday

essence cosmetics also had a great week asbBoth Refinery29 and The Sun mentioned its amazing mascara this week! Praised for the cult-favourite Princess Lash Mascara, as well as the Get Big Lashes Mascara, essence offers the perfect solution to getting a glamorous look without breaking the bank!

I Tried Amazon’s Most Viral Beauty Goods — & Here Are The Real Gems

FACE UP TO IT Can you tell which face cost £224 and which was just £58?

This week, the Arbonne True Hair range made it on Crave Magazine’s list of Autumn Haircare Heros, for their Replenishing Mask and Daily Leave-In Treatment!

Crave’s List; Autumn Haircare Heroes

And last, but most certainly not least, Harper’s Bazaar featured the Limited Edition Revitalash Advanced Serums for the Pink Sleeve Campaign. For each pink product purchased, Revitlash are donating $2 to charities around the world fighting breast cancer!

“The story behind RevitaLash’s best-selling eyelash conditioning formula is really touching. It was designed specifically for the founder’s wife after her own breast cancer diagnosis and really works to help encourage lash grow post-chemo.“

Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Best beauty products

RL friday

Plus, this week our clients BAAPS, Drowsy, essence and Clear Lift featured in print publications like Pick Me Up!, WW Magazine, FT How to Spend It, New!, The Sun and Daily Mail supplement Healthcare Innovations!

That’s all for this week’s highlights, but we will see you next Friday for more! In the meantime, have a read of last week’s round up here!

Have a wonderful and safe weekend!

Love Flipside x

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