Effortless Beauty gets a whole new meaning with Clear Lift – The Effortless Facial!

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With muted skin and effortless beauty being THE trend for spring-summer 2021, Clear Lift is THE facial for the new season!

As a nation, we have accustomed a more laid back approach to beauty since we entered the pandemic and we’ll be entering SS21 with the same approach.

Gone are the days where you have to attend countless appointments to target different skincare concerns, The Effortless Facial does everything – lifts, tightens, tones, reduces pores & pigmentation and contours the cheekbones and jawline all in just 30 minutes.

Effortless beauty has never been so easy with Clear Lift! This facial treatment has revolutionised the aesthetic world with this non-surgical, needle-free, pain-free alternative to Botox and fillers – and with zero downtime. Whether you’re waiting for your next Botox appointment or you’re now wanting to opt for more holistic and regenerative treatments to tie-in with the effortless trend, look no further than Clear Lift.

Also referred to as “the lunchtime facial”, Clear Lift was featured in OK! Magazine this week as “the speedy treatment which has an army of celeb fans”. From Love Island’s Amber Gill to Little Mix star Jesy Nelson and Victoria’s Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio, the 30-minute facial is a winner among celebs, praised for its instant rejuvenating effects!

clear lift facial
clear lift

What is Clear Lift?

“A facial that offers dramatic results without needing to go under the knife. This revolutionary laser-based treatment has added benefits of being virtually pain-free with no downtime. It targets deep into the face stimulating collagen giving you a smoother, rejuvenated look. Results are instant and continue to improve over time.”

Who is it for?

“Anyone who wants to maintain or improve their skin’s texture, tone and firmness”. Clear Lift gives effective results, quick treatment and a painless process.

Why will you love Clear Lift?

“It’s so quick and has absolutely no downtime with an instant, more vibrant look for the first three days. Results don’t stop there. The magic continues to work over several weeks as your collagen is rebuilt.”

facial treatment

How long does it take?

“Just 30 minutes for a full face. A little longer if you’re targeting skin on the neck and chest area.”

What does it feel like?

“A warm massaging effect, slightly tingly but not at all painful.”

What results can you expect from Clear Lift?

“You’ll get an immediate glow for three to four days afterwards – perfect now we’re able to go out again! Then the results continue to develop over the following weeks.”

Book yours at Dr MediSpa – https://drmedispa.com

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