Throwback: Drowsy Features on ITV’s This Morning

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We’re throwing back to summer 2020 when Flipside London beauty brand Drowsy made it onto This Morning and became an instant hit! After a fantastic feature in Sarah Jossel’s Instagram top 6 beauty picks of the month, Drowsy made it on national TV, as one of the best beauty brands you didn’t know about on ITV’s This Morning!

During the beauty segment, the lovely Sarah spoke about Drowsy’s dreamy silk eye mask, and the award-winning SOS Sleep pillow spray. Plus, we think it’s fair to say that Ruth Langsford is officially a Drowsy fan, alongside a few other celebs who have been praising its unique products.

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Beauty influencer Lydia House has also given Drowsy the thumbs up, whilst new mum Vogue Williams called it “the best thing ever” and backed up by 5-star reviews!

drowsy sleep

The Drowsy story starts with brothers Rich and Thom Hemelryk, who founded the brand after struggling with stress-induced chronic insomnia. They found that lack of sleep was affecting all areas of their lives; from work and relationships to productivity and daytime energy. In what became a major life-overhaul, they decided to take a step back and focus on getting back to normality. They pursued a new sleep-focused lifestyle prioritising sleep above everything else in their lives.

They found 3 things to be pivotal in reclaiming the sleep we’d lost over the years:

1. Practicing nightly wind-down rituals.

2. Creating a good sleeping environment.

3. Maintaining healthy sleep habits.

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Drowsy is the result of their own personal journey with sleep. Working closely alongside professional sleep coach Michael Hildebrandt, Rich and Thom created the philosophy that lies at the heart of Drowsy. The products complement this philosophy and enhance the sleep of anyone looking to upgrade their bedtime experience.

In the current world climate, sleep has never been more important. That is why Drowsy is donating £1 from every product sold to Mind Charity. Mind’s mission is simple. The charity promises not to give up until everyone experiencing a mental health problem can get support and respect.

“We are more tired, stressed out and anxious than ever before. And all of this directly impacts our mental wellbeing. Which is why we want to help support mental health through the sales of our products.”

Thom Hemelryk, Drowsy Founder
sleep pillow spray


It is now so important to try and rediscover the restorative benefits of sleep, so that you can start prioritising it and improve your wellbeing. The range of vegan and cruelty-free products from Drowsy help you create healthy bedside habits and naturally aid sleep, with non-addictive, yet extremely efficient solutions!

Love Flipside x

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