Crafting a Celebrity-Centric Pitch

Flipside PR explores how to make a pitch socially relevant using a celebrity focus.

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When it comes to pitching stories to press, it’s very important to make them original and engaging so that they attract the attention of the journalist. Assessing the social relevance of a pitch is a key factor in ensuring its level of engagement.

Some questions to think about:

  • What’s currently trending?
  • Who are being spoken about in the press and online? E.g. influencers, celebrities
  • What national or international days or events are approaching?

Recently at Flipside, we pitched our professional skincare client SKEYNDOR using a celebrity angle. Publicly praising SKEYNDOR’s Clear Balance Pure Cleansing Foam, we used the English professional footballer Harry Kane’s words to write an informative pitch around the product. Due to Kane’s global status in not only the football world but the media, we can leverage his celebrity influence to positively impact consumer spending in favor of SKEYNDOR.

Below is our pitch.

Footie Royalty Harry Kane Credits Miracle Cleanser as the Secret to his Youthful Glow

Harry Kane has named this £30 cleanser as the key player for clear skin in his daily skincare routine.

Speaking in an interview with his fellow teammate Eric Dier, the English pro footballer revealed his top skincare essentials for maintaining a healthy and clear complexion. Diving into his World Cup Kit Bag, Kane credited the Skeyndor Clear Balance Pure Cleansing Foam as his faithful companion when travelling in and between hot countries.

“My face cleanser [is] really important. We’re going to a hot country – you’re going to be sweating a lot. You got to keep yourself looking young!”

Laughing with Dier, the Captain of the England national team quickly added: “Well, that’s what the wife says, anyway. She’s on me – she doesn’t want me looking old!”

Designed for daily use, Skeyndor’s Clear Balance Pure Cleansing Foam fights off potential impurities and improves overall skin condition. With its intensive anti-impurity formula made from active ingredients such as Mandelic Acid, Salicyilc Acid, Betaine, Hexamidine, the cleanser targets the dirt that blocks the pores and prevents healthy skin.

Specially formulated for oily, acne-prone, or seborrheic skins, this cleanser carefully manages unwanted breakouts, inflamed or irritated skin. For the England striker, when it comes to skincare, the simpler, the easier: “After a sweaty training session, it’s in the shower, clean the face.”


Founded in 1966, Skeyndor is a professional skincare line backed by over 50 years’ experience. With an international presence in 60 countries, it is a leading brand in high-quality, professional cosmetics. Using pioneering science and technology, SKEYNDOR has developed a unique concept: Science Creates Beauty. 

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