We wanted to celebrate Cow Appreciation Day by sharing the story behind one of our favourite skincare brands, MooGoo.

If you haven’t already heard…
MooGoo is an Australian company with an entire range of natural and gentle products that are made with effective ingredients and no gimmicks! All MooGoo products are designed to keep the skin or scalp moist and supple using high quality and natural ingredients.
Where do the cows come in?
MooGoo’s story began back in 2005, when it’s founder Craig Jones, noticed that his mum was using a white paste, intended for use on cows, to help manage a skin problem.  The cream was formulated to help keep the skin on cow’s udders in good condition for milking, and although it worked, it was thick and hard to apply.
Since Craig’s mother didn’t particularly like being lathered in a thick cream made for cows, Craig took on the task of reformulating it to be lighter and non-greasy to help his mum out, and they began to refer to it as ‘Moo-Goo’.
Cows and their udders were just the beginning…
Since then, MooGoo has grown to over 40 products to help with lots of different problems, from dealing with irritable skin and itchy scalps, to natural sun care products and a Baby Range for the little ones. MooGoo’s products are 100% natural and they don’t test on animals.
You can find out more about MooGoo the brand, browse their products and read plenty of cow puns at

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