Drowsy Sleep Co

The Drowsy feature on This Morning increased sales by 500% with over 10,000 hits on the website

Drowsy was founded by 2 brothers who suffered with chronic insomnia. Inspired to find a natural solution they enlisted the help of Sleep Coach Michael Hilderbrandt to create natural alternatives to medication in the form of aromatherapy pillow sprays, oils and a silk sleep mask. Drowsy enlisted the help of Flipside to create awareness of the core products in the range including the hero SOS Sleep Spray and a unique mulberry silk sleep mask. Flipside individually targeted Influencers and journalists who we knew would be receptive to the Drowsy ethos.

One such Influencer was Sarah Jossel, Sunday Times Style Beauty Director and This Morning TV presenter. Sarah first profiled the brand on her IGTV channel (42.7k followers) in her weekly “Sarah’s six” where she declared “Meet my true love…there are sleep masks and there are Drowsy sleep masks”. The brand was then profiled on This Morning TV in The Best New Beauty Brands This Summer.