Treatment Reviews

If you have a unique, results driven beauty or aesthetic treatment to profile, one of the best ways to raise awareness is via media & Influencer reviews

BYONIK is the world’s FIRST pulse-triggered laser facial and we were asked by the distributer to raise more consumer awareness and generate sales of this unique “no downtime” treatment.

Here’s how we did it

We introduced our client to celebrity Influencer Denise Van Outen and treated her to regular BYONIK bespoke treatments at her own home. Denise was delighted with the results and in return she has provided a series of Instagram posts and stories highlighting her love of the treatment. This led to an increase in followers to the BYONIK Instagram account and a number of B2B enquires from clinics and salons that generated sales of the device.

In also teamed up with ComseSurge Clinic on Harley Street to offer Cutting- edge ANTI-POLLUTION, no downtime – BYONIK laser facials to press and Influencers. We managed to secure 15 appointments that generated media reviews in titles like The Metro , The Mirror, Sunday Express, Who What to Wear and Fabric magazine.

Lee Bell

“Skin conditions lasered to health! Inspired by science from Nasa, the Byonik facial at CosmeSurge is a personalised treatment that syncs with your heartbeat to pinpoint the optimal moment when your cells can absorb moisture to rejuvenate the skin and help cure skin conditions.”

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