Can a Bath Replace your Workout?

Visiting the gym doesn’t sound that attractive? A recent study shows that you can get the same health benefits by just getting in the bathtub!

We all know baths are great for relaxing the mind and body and helping relief mild stress. We just never thought baths are actually capable of so much more when it comes to improving physical health.

Now, a new study shows that a hot bath could provide many of the same benefits you get from a low-intensity aerobic exercise. So, if the thought of heading to the gym for a strenuous session stresses you out, you might be in luck. That’s if you have a bathtub!

Researchers from Coventry University show that after a few minutes in a hot bath, your heart rate rises making you feel hot and sweaty – a similar sensations to high intensity exercise like jogging or cycling. The study has compared the body’s responses between having a hot bath and doing a moderate intensity cycling session and found that heart rate levels and core body temperature raised in a very similar way for both activities, with ultrasound scans finding similar improvements in blood flow, blood pressure, and glucose levels!

Of course, a hot bath won’t help you lose weight or give you toned abs, but it will help balance blood sugar and blood pressure, improve circulation, and reduce inflammation in the body, as well as minimising the risk of cardiovascular disease. Pretty good for just relaxing in your own tub!

If however the thought of a hot bath during the summer doesn’t do it for you, Lorna Veale, owner of vegan beauty brand No Secrets shares her tips on making summer bathing a more pleasant experience:

When it comes to hot weather baths, using a bath product with refreshing essential oils like eucalyptus will have a cooling effect on your senses. The No Secrets Bath Jelly in One (£18) includes eucalyptus and citrus plant oils for a balancing, refreshing effect. Plus, the added benefit of our Bath Jelly is that the indulgent mix of plant oils – applied before sinking into the bath – will be replenishing any dehydration to the skin caused by wind or sun in the summer!”

If you want to take your hot bathing ritual to the next level, Lorna recommends adding a bit of extra pampering to your routine with one simple trick:

“Fill a bowl with 500ml of cold and add 1 drop of your favourite essential oil (we recommend the No Secrets blend One (£22) for that fresh minty feel). Leave a flannel in the bowl to soak up the water, then wring out the flannel and lay it over your forehead or eyes for a mini cooling facial experience!”

Finally, it’s important to remember that hot baths can dry out the skin, especially in the summer when other elements like the sun, wind and air-conditioning are contributing.

Lorna says: “We are all told that the sun and wind are de-hydrating, but it’s important to consider that your choice of your bodycare could also be contributing to that. Which is why, when having a hot bath, you may also like to consider your general beauty routine and how you can switch things up to treat your skin the right way!”

Nourish and protect dehydrated summer skin by ditching the SLS-heavy body cleansers for something non-drying, like the No Secrets Solo Bars (£7.50) made to preserve the skin barrier while thoroughly cleansing the hair and the skin.

Finally, seal in the good skin with a lightweight product with skincare benefits, like the No Secrets Body Jelly (£49) packed with vitamins and antioxidants, helping improve elasticity of the skin and keeping it nourished for longer!

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