Brand New! Just B’s Lip Spectrum Is Perfect For South Asian Skin Tones

Why commit to just one colour, when you can have more? Meet Just B’s debut product, Lip Spectrum! It’s a multi-dimensional lipstick with one deeper shade and one lighter shade in a colour family. There’s something for everyone in this five shade collection and it was developed specifically with South Asian skin tones in mind. Here’s how it works…

Multi-Dimensional Lip Product

On one side is Pigment Fluid: Pigment fluid has a long wearing powder-matte finish, and envelops your lips in a weightless and breathable layer of color.

On the other side is Pigment Glaze: Pigment Glaze is a one-swipe wonder with a smoothing cream finish and wraps your lips in an embrace of gleaming color. Just as incredible as you!

Both Pigment Glaze & Pigment Fluid have been engineered to work beautifully together, and can be layered interchangeably on top of each other. Together, you unlock their magical superpowers, and create a spectrum of custom colors that are just for you.

Mix & Match

Formulated with South Asian skin tones in mind, Lip Spectrum is available in five shades or 10 tones in total. The product gives users dual textures and two colors that allow them to create multiple finishes and customize different shades. Each Lip Spectrum splits into two pieces, allowing consumers to mix and match shades and bring them on the go.

Lip Spectrum is available in five shades, each with a deep and light tone:

Not Just Peach

Pigment Fluid: Teakwood
Pigment Glaze: Grapefruit Pink

Not Just Champagne

Pigment Fluid: Ruby Cocoa
Pigment Glaze: Kashmiri Chai

Not Just Pink

Pigment Fluid: Sundays
Pigment Glaze: Mondays

Not Just Red

Pigment Fluid: Ruby Slippers
Pigment Glaze: Poison Apple

Not Just Magenta

Pigment Fluid: Bougainvillea
Pigment Glaze: Anaar

£27 at

More About Just B

Just B was founded by two South-Asian women — highly-experienced makeup artist, Bina Khan, who has more than 25 years of experience in the cosmetics industry, and makeup enthusiast and engineering lead Madiha Chan, in October 2021 after a lifetime of being frustrated with the lack of cosmetics on the market that could enhance and adapt to brown skin. Just B’s debut cosmetics are a line of Lip Spectrums, a 2-in-1 lip product made up of a Pigment Glaze and a Pigment Fluid, resulting in a spectrum of textures and colors to create multiple looks from one product. Available in five shades, each with two complementary tones and textures, Just B’s cosmetics provide simple solutions while encouraging experimentation and creativity to cater to the modern beauty consumer’s needs. With every product in the line, Madiha, Bina and the rest of the Just B team are celebrating the beauty of brown skin. Just B’s products are available for purchase online at For more information on Just B, please visit and follow Just B on Instagram and Facebook.

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