8 Reasons Why We Love the RevitaLash Volumising Eyelash Primer

You can prep and perfect your lashes with the RevitaLash Double Ended Volume Set. Boasting high performance formulas, the primer and mascara due work in tandem to amplify your eyelashes with maximum volume while conditioning each hair for an enhanced look. We love it so much and we thought we’d share with you why!

1.  It helps any mascara stay on all day – pair with RevitaLash Volumising Mascara for optimum results

2.  It coats your lashes with additional peptides to nourish and also protect

3.  Can be applied in layers – one coat for a natural looks OR build up to 3 layers under mascara for extreme volume

4.  Its gel formula means it won’t flake or smudge

5.  Water resistant but not waterproof, meaning it’s very gentle to remove at the end of the day with a little cleanser and warm water!

6. Unlike white primers that can leave lashes looking grey, RevitaLash Primer is a unique blue which is easy to cover, and actually enhances black mascara (think blue black lash tint)

7. It’s CRUELTY FREE & Vegan friendly

8. A % is donated back to breast Cancer Research

RevitaLash Double Ended Mascara/Primer is available from their website for £29.

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