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Vitage® Essential Cleansing Balm

August 10th, 2017

This summer has been a roller-coaster of good and bad weather and your skin will definitely be paying for it!


Excess exposure to the sun and excess oils from the heat will have your skin begging for a break. Our new favourite thing you need to add to your skincare routine this summer is the Vitage® Essential Cleansing Balm. 


So, what is a cleansing balm?

Cleansing balms are the new best thing for your skin and yes they are completely different to other face washes and face scrubs. Cleansing balms are thicker and made from loads of natural ingredients, hence why they make a great skincare product for recharging your skin from its usual daily scrubbing and rubbing. A cleansing balm is a perfect summer product because of its multi-functional properties meaning less fuss and lighter travel. They deeply clean and cleanse your skin, whilst removing makeup and nourishing your face for bright, clean and hydrated skin all summer long.


Why Vitage®?

What makes the Vitage® Essential Cleansing Balm our favourite is the plentiful of natural ingredients it contains, most importantly Marula Oil which is a concentrated source of Vitamin C and E, rich in Omega 9 and 6, a high concentration of nutrients and essentials fatty acids. Vitage’s cleansing balm is the first of cleansing balms to contain Marula Oil so we highly recommend adding it to your skincare routine for more radiant glowing skin.

Alongside Marula Oil, it contains Bitter Orange to gently brighten and tone, Almond Oils enriched with Vitamin E, A and B to seal in moisture for glowing healthy skin and Grapeseed Oil Rose Hip Oil to re-hydrate.

This blend of natural ingredients make for a gentle and nourishing daily cleanse all within one beauty product, making it the perfect detoxifying solution for your skin this summer.


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