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Sandal Ready Feet!

June 2nd, 2017

Sandal ready feet!


If you’re one of the 3 million women embarrassed by your feet, then worry no more!


With bunions, blisters and verruca’s that flair up, it’s not surprising that feet are the most unpopular and least talked about part of our bodies!

Plexr is a unique device that treats and targets various skin issues using Plasma, much like a bolt of lightning, directly to the area needing treatment. By drying the problem area out and stimulating the wound healing process, inflammatory cells are delivered to the site to fight infection.


Immediately after treatment, a crust formation will act as a protective layer and prevent against infection. This will last for about 7-10 days before falling off. The tissue beneath the lesion will shrink leaving no scar tissue or inflammation around the site!


Plasma comprises of partially active molecules and atoms and more than 99% of the universe is exists in plasma state. Back on earth, the Plexr treatment is powered by a lithium battery and uses heat to generate plasma. The heat produced causes ionisation of the air in the gap between the skin which is akin to a bolt of lightning and causes sublimation of the tissue to stimulate contraction and shorten the tissue fibres reducing the skin surface.


The treatment requires no down time, minimum discomfit for maximum results and only needs 1-2 treatments for permanent results! The success rate is much higher than alternative treatments, successfully treating the most stubborn of Verruca’s!


Following treatment, the treated area should be kept dry 7-10 days and swimming and sharing communal showers should be avoided whilst undergoing treatment. Perspiration exercises and high cardiovascular activities should be kept to a minimum to prevent moisture from building in the treated area. It is important to reinforce strict aftercare to ensure the treatment is successful.


Don’t hide away your feet this summer, chuck on those cute sandals with pride! Successful, quick treatment is available from Courthouse clinics around the country.


For general and sales enquiries contact 020 7481 1656 or .


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