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If the cold temperatures weren’t enough to send your skin over the edge, we bet the snow definitely did!

But fear not… if you haven’t already joined the Cleansing Balm craze, here’s why they are the best gift you can give your skin this winter.


We can not stress enough how much of a difference adding a Cleansing Balm to your skincare routine makes during the winter, it provides intense hydration that will leave your skin feeling brand new. The Vitage® Essential Cleansing Balm is our no.1 favourite!


So, what is a cleansing balm?


Cleansing balms are the new best thing for your skin and yes they are completely different to other face washes and face scrubs. Cleansing balms are thicker and made from loads of natural ingredients, hence why they make a great skincare product for recharging your skin from its usual daily scrubbing and rubbing. They deeply clean and cleanse your skin, whilst removing makeup and nourishing your face for bright, clean and hydrated skin all winter long.


Why Vitage®?


What makes the Vitage® Essential Cleansing Balm our favourite is the plentiful of natural ingredients it contains, most importantly Marula Oil which is a concentrated source of Vitamin C and E, rich in Omega 9 and 6, a high concentration of nutrients and essentials fatty acids. Vitage’s cleansing balm is the first of cleansing balms to contain Marula Oil so we highly recommend adding it to your skincare routine for more radiant glowing skin.


Alongside Marula Oil, it contains Bitter Orange to gently brighten and tone, Almond Oils enriched with Vitamin E, A and B to seal in moisture for glowing healthy skin and Grapeseed Oil Rose Hip Oil to re-hydrate.


This blend of natural ingredients make for a gentle and nourishing daily cleanse all within one beauty product, making it the perfect detoxifying solution for your skin this winter.


You can get yours at



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December is finally here and as the saying goes the early bird catches the worm… i.e. it’s time to start thinking about your Christmas shopping!


No one likes the overcrowded rush of last minute shopping before Christmas, so why do so many people still leave it until then? Even if you aren’t the one who leaves everything last minute… somehow you will realise you forgot a present, or two, and end up in it year after year!


The solution?



essence my must haves and refills can save you all the last minute stress, for under £15 you can personalise an 8-colour palette with a huge selection of matte and shimmery shades of eye shadows, blushes, lip powders, highlighters and bronzers.


This multi-functional palette means you can go that extra mile for your friend/s, loved one/s and gift them a palette you know they’ll love because you made it just for them!


You’re pretty spoilt for choice so it’s hard to go wrong…



Also available in 4-colour palettes on or in Wilko stores nationwide




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Nutritionist Kim Pearson spent the summer of 2017 in Los Angeles discovering the latest healthy food trends set to cross the pond in 2018. Keep reading to find out what her predictions are…



Next Generation Fasting 

Fasting is hard and compliance is low… so the researchers at the University of Southern California (USC) have turned their attention to developing a sophisticated five day ‘Fast Mimicking Diet’ (FMD). Millions of dollars have been spent over the last two decades researching the benefits of fasting on health (from anti ageing cellular regeneration through to the reduced belly fat and risk of type two diabetes… the benefits of fasting appear never ending). Now, ProLon is the world’s first FMD, setting the stage for the next generation of fasting. It’s made up of special, plant based mini meals such as veg soups, nut bars and kale crackers – specifically formulated to not trigger our nutrient sensing pathways. ProLon provides essential nutrients and enables you to access the benefits of fasting like water only fasts, but without the starving.

Find out more information on ProLon here



Vegan Treat Foods

Say goodbye to cheese, butter and cream being essential ingredients for many of our favourite treat foods as chefs are challenging the need for animal products… meaning vegan treat foods are about to become much more exciting! Make way for vegan pastries, cheesecakes, pizzas… the list goes on…


Plant Based Diets Are Here To Stay

Speaking of vegan treat foods, the move towards a plant based diet is becoming ever more popular! Whether it’s for health, environmental or ethical reasons, increasing numbers of us are turning veggy and vegan, with plenty of meat eaters gravitating toward a ‘flexitarian’ diet.

You can read more about this rise here


Bowl Foods

From the insta favourite Acai through to Korean Bibimbap, the trend for bowl foods is on the rise! Freshly prepared and easy to eat, popular bowl foods are perfect for those who want to stay healthy… (and sooo aesthetically pleasing)


What Should I Eat For Breakfast


Shunning Traditional Breakfast

The shunning of traditional breakfast favourites in favour of freshly made, healthier alternatives is becoming all the more evident. The arrival of the NutriBullet is challenging our nation’s love of cereal and toast is only acceptable if it’s topped with avocado and egg. Expect to see the rise of smoothie bowls, breakfast salads, green matcha pancakes and coconut yoghurt parfaits at your favourite brunch spot next year.


Low Alcohol, No Alcohol and Healthier Alcoholic Drinks

Stats show that Generation Z are drinking less than previous generations, but that’s not to say they’re any less sociable. Kim Pearson noted that Californian drinks lists are offering organic wines, gluten free beers and low sugar cocktails based on healthy ingredients! Expect the demand for a greater choice of alcohol free and low alcohol drinks to ensue… Kale and apple mimosa, anyone?


Healthier/Artisan Gluten Free Alternatives

The demand for gluten free alternatives is not declining, so the past, gluten free foods that were typically highly process and filled with varieties of undesirable ingredients are declining! The availability of healthier and artisan gluten free alternatives is on the rise… many high street bakers have started selling freshly baked gluten free loaves and Italian restaurant chains are increasingly offering gluten free pastas and pizzas. Prepare for ‘free from’ to be easier than ever in 2018, no one’s missing out!


Cafe Delites


Local, Seasonal Superfoods

Kim Pearson welcomes home grown nourishment including flax seeds (linseeds), pears, artichokes, plums, blackberries and broccoli this 2018. All starting with the nutrient rich Kale, exotic origins are no longer the only allure towards superfoods… with Brexit in our midst and environmental concerns growing, Kim notes that 2018 beholds there is no time like now to back British farmers


A Move Towards Plant Proteins

Whilst protein is essential for health, research shows that too much animal protein could have a negative effect on our long term health. Kim Pearson explains that studies show a diet high in animal protein promote an increase in the growth factor IGF1, which has been linked to an increased risk of certain chronic diseases. Although this doesn’t necessarily mean you need to give up meat, it makes sense to moderate your protein intake and focus on plant based sources as well (if you do eat meat, always opt for ideally organic, or at least free range, traditionally reared produce).



To read more about what Kim Pearson has to say, you can see her original 2018 Healthy Food Trend Predictions here



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The essence Fresh & Fit Awake Primer is set to break the internet, and for only £3.50 we’re not surprised!


This product makes the perfect light texture primer for underneath foundation ensuring a smoother, fresher complexion whilst extending the durability of make-up but also works great for adding a dewy glow to the skin alone!


With a gorgeous scent and plenty of benefits, it has already seen tons of positive reviews since it’s launch, and has even been compared to cult favourite primers like Charlotte Tilbury’s Wonder Glow (£38.50) and Nars Radiance Primer (£27).



Beauty blogger @gemmaetc says, “you cannot tell the difference when on the face, they’re visually identical with the same luminous glow,” she goes on to note how both the primers have similar effects, “they both leave the skin very dewy, soft and luminous and they both have a subtle blurring effect on the skin.”

(You can read Gemma’s full review post here)


Many have been quick to commend this primer for its fantastic comparable benefits whilst retaining such an affordable price!


Makeup artist Nathalie Eleni is among the many singing the primer’s praises, “it has the perfect amount of luminosity in it without looking shiny – it really makes skin look radiant, has a lovely texture and allows foundation to blend beautifully over – definitely gives a ‘lit from within’ finish to skin and looks great even worn alone.”


Hmm, seems like an absolute steal to us!

Make sure you get your hands on it before it becomes impossible like the essence Lash Princess mascara 😬


Available exclusively from Wilko stores nationwide, or available online at




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On Thursday 9th November 2017 Copra welcomed over 650 of the most influential Beauty Industry insiders to its annual Ball at the Park Plaza Hotel.


Vitage® was invited to join this year’s Hollywood Red Carpet event filled with Glitz and Glam. Copra is the Beauty Industry’s Christmas Party and Fundraiser for Look Good Feel Better, the cancer support charity that helps men, women and teenagers manage the visible side effects of cancer treatment.



The night was a fabulous success, with Copra managing to achieve a total of £40K for their Industry charity Look Good Feel Better this year. Vitage® was welcomed among the other guests to a fabulous drinks reception, where they were greeted by the elegant ‘Top Hat and Tails Hollywood Dancers’. Everyone had plenty of fun, and of course, dancing into the early hours.



Vitage® would like to thank Copra for a wonderful evening and look forward to being involved in the next one in 2018.


To find out more about the event, visit


To find out more about the charity or make your own donation, visit