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Must have palettes arrive at essence!

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Must have palettes have arrived at essence!

4-colour and 8-colour palettes are waiting to be personalized. There are 20 eyeshadows, five blushes and three lip powders to choose from- with various effects.

Also included: a pink lip base for the lip powder, a highlighter and a bronzer as well as fixing powder. Simply select your favourite products and use the click-mechanism to place them in the multi-functional palette.

Available at Wilko stores and at

World Environment Day with Boody

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 Celebrate World Environment Day!  Here’s what you need to know…


Today the world celebrates World Environment Day!


The motive is to inspire and engage people to explore nature and the environment around them. To appreciate its beauty and its importance. To think about our relationship with nature and how we depend on, and treat the environment. World environment day encourages everyone to experience nature in a new, exciting way.

To celebrate World Environment Day, we wanted to highlight ways we can have a more sustainable future by using more environmentally friendly materials such as bamboo that can be substituted for many of our everyday products, reducing the pressure on our threatened planet!

Did you know…?


  • Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on the planet, growing up to 1.2 metres a day?
  • It’s stronger than steel and reduces soil erosion up to 75%?
  • It minimises CO2 emissions and generates up to 35% more oxygen than an equivalent stand of trees?
  • Bamboo requires no irrigation?
  • It’s used to make many household items including clothes, toothbrushes and toilet roll?


Bamboo is rising fast in popularity due to its exceptional qualities. Hailed for being eco-friendly, strong, hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial, it also produces oxygen, controls soil erosion, provides organic matter, regulates water levels in watersheds, conserves biodiversity, beautifies the landscape and essentially contributes to the purification and regulation of the environment.


According to the CEF (conserve energy future) – “if the current rate of deforestation continues, it will take less than 100 years to destroy all the rainforests on the earth.” But Bamboo can help avoid deforestation, as they are the fastest growing plants on the planet with a growth rate of up to 1.2m a day. Bamboo is stronger than steel and its root can reduce soil erosion by up to 75%. Compared with traditional hardwoods, that can take up to 20-120 years to reach full maturity, bamboo only takes 3 years! Yet the strength and hardness of bamboo is equivalent to hardwood timber, and costs are comparable.

The World Resources Institute also calculates that “loss of forests contributes between 12% and 17% of annual global greenhouse gas emissions.” Bamboo’s extreme growth minimises CO2 and generates up to 35% more oxygen than equivalent stands of trees. One acre of bamboo sequesters 150 tons of carbon dioxide per year while one acre of young forest only sequesters 45 tons of carbon dioxide per year.  Can you see what we’re getting at here?!


As for water usage, it can take more than 5,000 gallons of water to produce just over 2 pounds of cotton and 73% of the global cotton harvest comes from irrigated land. Bamboo on the other hand requires only 130 gallons of water to produce 3 pounds and requires no irrigation at all.


Not only can bamboo be one of the quickest ways to remove vast amounts of CO2 from the atmosphere. It can play a significant role in linking climate mitigation to sustainable economic development in the developing world.  Bamboo nursery owners can make a good living on remarkably little land. It can help reduce poverty and protect the environment and it provides a practical and rapid solution for some of the natural resource and poverty challenges facing many underdeveloped countries today.


Bamboo is used in construction, skincare, fashion, makes charcoal, pulp, boards, furniture, utensils, matchsticks, toothpicks and crafts and has high resistance and insulation qualities.

Ever tried bamboo clothing?  Boody Organic Bamboo clothing is softer than your average fabric and better for your skin! Anti-bacterial properties, odour free and hypoallergenic, it’s perfect choice for those with skin conditions like eczema. It will not lose its silky touch after washing either, lasting much longer than your cotton undies. Studies by the Japanese Textile Inspection Association, found that the soft and stretchy qualities of bamboo were maintained even after 50 washings of Bamboo fabric.  From £14.

Boody produces clothing by using 3D computerised knitting which leaves zero waste! The factories also operate with zero waste, while using a closed loop system to not waste any water. Packing is made from already recycled materials and any printing uses vegetable based ink.

Find more information at and

Sandal ready feet!

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Sandal ready feet!


If you’re one of the 3 million women embarrassed by your feet, then worry no more!


With bunions, blisters and verruca’s that flair up, it’s not surprising that feet are the most unpopular and least talked about part of our bodies!

Plexr is a unique device that treats and targets various skin issues using Plasma, much like a bolt of lightning, directly to the area needing treatment. By drying the problem area out and stimulating the wound healing process, inflammatory cells are delivered to the site to fight infection.


Immediately after treatment, a crust formation will act as a protective layer and prevent against infection. This will last for about 7-10 days before falling off. The tissue beneath the lesion will shrink leaving no scar tissue or inflammation around the site!


Plasma comprises of partially active molecules and atoms and more than 99% of the universe is exists in plasma state. Back on earth, the Plexr treatment is powered by a lithium battery and uses heat to generate plasma. The heat produced causes ionisation of the air in the gap between the skin which is akin to a bolt of lightning and causes sublimation of the tissue to stimulate contraction and shorten the tissue fibres reducing the skin surface.


The treatment requires no down time, minimum discomfit for maximum results and only needs 1-2 treatments for permanent results! The success rate is much higher than alternative treatments, successfully treating the most stubborn of Verruca’s!


Following treatment, the treated area should be kept dry 7-10 days and swimming and sharing communal showers should be avoided whilst undergoing treatment. Perspiration exercises and high cardiovascular activities should be kept to a minimum to prevent moisture from building in the treated area. It is important to reinforce strict aftercare to ensure the treatment is successful.


Don’t hide away your feet this summer, chuck on those cute sandals with pride! Successful, quick treatment is available from Courthouse clinics around the country.


For general and sales enquiries contact 020 7481 1656 or .


Hair-free hassle-free holiday with Soprano ICE laser hair removal

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Keeping on top of waxing and shaving on holiday is a time consuming, downright pain!


If you like the sound of a hair-free, hassle-free holiday then welcome Soprano ICE! Follow in the footsteps of celebrity’s and permanently remove unwanted body hair.


Soprano ICE is a laser hair removal treatment that ensures comfort throughout. Suitable for all areas of the body and all skin types, the treatment is fast and only requires a few short sessions. No downtime is required, perfect for a lunch hour treatment!


A gradual heating method effectively damages the hair follicles while avoiding injury to the surrounding skin. The sweeping motion delivery technique keeps the laser in constant motion ensuring full coverage.


Simultaneous contact cooling prevents burns and allows for more comfortable treatment. A specialized applicator allows larger areas to be treated in less time.


Alex Gerrard, Hollyoaks Gemma Merna and Real Housewives Tanya Bardsley are fans, and consider Soprano ICE their must have beauty treatment!


To find your nearest clinic and more information visit


Beat your bikini blues!

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Beat your bikini blues!

Summer holiday season is fast approaching!


With sun, sea and sand comes swimsuits, and that thought fills the best of us with dread. But fear not! There are a number of surgery free, no downtime, quick but efficient treatments available that can make you feel all the more confident to wear your bikini (or sandals)  with pride!


Going under the knife is not for everybody, it can take a lot downtime and carries risks. But what if you could have the treatment done on your lunch hour?


On the Flipside blog, we are looking at what’s available to get your holiday body ready and where to find them!